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3 Problems Created By Crowded and Crooked Teeth

Posted on December 16, 2022

Are you worried about crooked teeth? Are you considering braces? Braces can be an effective way to repair crooked and overcrowded teeth. However, braces are also an expensive and lengthy process. You may be wondering if braces are actually worth the time and money.

Given the risk of having crooked teeth, braces are definitely worth it, especially if you have overlapping teeth. According to the California Association of Orthodontists, teeth that overlap each other are crowded together and can be harder to clean. That leaves them more at risk of delay. Below are a few other issues with crowded and crooked teeth. Ask your orthodontist about these issues before deciding whether braces are right for you.

1. Bite Issues

One of the biggest issues with overcrowded and crooked teeth is that they create serious bite issues. Your teeth may not chew food correctly. If that’s the case, you’re non-crooked teeth will pick up much of the baggage for chewing food. That can put pressure on those teeth and create serious health issues. Braces can straighten those teeth and prevent dietary issues and future teeth complications.

2. Issues With Flossing and Brushing

Flossing isn’t easy for many people, even if their teeth are straight. It’s even more difficult for those who have crooked teeth. Flossing and brushing may not work because they don’t have a straight edge against crooked teeth. If your toothbrush and floss can’t reach certain areas of your teeth, you could experience pain, cavities, and dirty teeth. Fortunately, with braces, you can experience straight teeth and you can more effectively reach them with your toothbrush and floss.

3. Gum Disease

One of the biggest issues with crooked teeth is that they can lead to damaged gums. The teeth grow in an unaligned manner that creates small openings in the gums and tooth roots. Those small openings are the perfect place for infections that can damage teeth. One way to avoid this outcome is to make sure the teeth and gums are aligned the correct way. Gum disease is a serious issue that can lead to heart issues, cancer, and much more. Take whatever steps you can to protect your oral health.

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