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3 Teeth and Mouth Facts to Share With Your Kids

Posted on September 23, 2022

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Children must learn how to maintain their dental hygiene early in life in order to create healthy habits that will last their entire lives. According to the California Association of Orthodontists, baby teeth will begin to form as early as 6 weeks into fetal development. Dental care is a journey that begins before a child starts teething. It’s therefore important that a parent teaches their children facts about their teeth and mouth that can prepare them for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Share some of these facts with your children to help them appreciate the importance of dental hygiene.

Teeth Have Roots

A third of every tooth is hidden under the gums, and children must take care of that part as well. This can be done by observing a healthy dental hygiene routine and eating healthy foods. By eating healthy foods that won’t decay your teeth, you can preserve the natural protective enamel around each tooth that shields the root. Taking care of the roots of teeth is a key pillar in family orthodontics. When the roots of teeth are skewed, then the child must go through various orthodontic procedures to correct them or even have the tooth pulled out entirely.

Everyone Has a Unique Set of Teeth

It is important to let your child know that every person has a unique set of teeth. People have different teeth sizes, alignments, and even shapes. All of these may affect the family orthodontics care one may need later in life. For example, some people may need to wear braces later in their lives to adjust their natural teeth alignment and promote their dental health. This may include spacing out crowded teeth, eliminating gaps, and aligning incorrect bites.

When You Lose a Tooth, It Affects Other Teeth

It is important to let children know that, when they lose an adult tooth, it affects the other surrounding teeth. This will encourage them to take care of their teeth and avoid any habits that could lead to tooth loss or decay. Teeth are always moving. When a tooth is lost, all the other teeth may move to cover the space left. This may ultimately affect the health and alignment of those other teeth. It also provides spaces for bacteria to multiply and potentially cause tooth decay. It’s good to have a quality family orthodontist to treat permanent teeth before they fall out.

Teaching your child the basics of dental hygiene when they are still young prepares them for a lifetime of healthy teeth. This information empowers them and equips them with the right attitude to live a healthy life. For more information or to get your child set up with an appointment, contact our expert team at Silver Smiles, today!


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