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Dr. Megan Sturm, D.M.D

Five Facts about Meagan Sturm, D.M.D

  1. Dr. Sturm knew that she wanted to be an orthodontist after her first appointment at 15 years old, and today as an adult her passion is creating beautiful smiles.
  2. Dr. Sturm was educated at Georgia’s finest schools for undergraduate and advanced training: Emory University – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Georgia Regents University – Doctor of Dental Medicine & Orthodontics Advanced Education.
  3. After coming out of the program as one of the top residents, Dr. Sturm had many choices and was able to make a perfect match with Silver Smiles Orthodontics.
  4. Prior to receiving her specialty degree in Orthodontics, Dr. Sturm obtained her doctorate degree in General Dentistry and has a total understanding of dental health.
  5. Dr. Sturm is certified by the AAFE (American Academy of Facial Esthetics) for botox, fillers, and TMJ treatment.

Fun Facts about Meagan Sturm, D.M.D

  1. Dr. Sturm is a coal-miner’s granddaughter.
  2. She met her husband on a blind date.
  3. Dr. Sturm cooks a new recipe every week.
  4. She enjoys running and strives to complete 15 miles a week.
  5. She cheers for the Atlanta Falcons and Braves.

Dr. Megan Sturm, D.M.D


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