Most agree that age seven is a good target for an orthodontic evaluation. Typically, the child is in the midst of a growth process. Starting earlier allows your orthodontist to take advantage of this process by moving teeth and creating more space in the mouth in less time than it may take to do so in an older patient. We can also change the skeletal structure at this age that helps prevent extractions of permanent teeth, widens palatal arches, and improves airway and breathing. Improving airways also improves sleep in these younger children.

However, orthodontics is not reserved for the young. Adults are enjoying great results as well and for this reason, Adult Orthodontic Treatment is becoming increasingly common these days! Recently doctors and orthodontists have found a direct connection between teeth alignment and health problems that affect adults such as sleep apnea, TMJ/D, Persistent Headaches and/or Migraines. Many adults find that seeking treatment is not only possible with an Orthodontist but preferable to other medical methods to solve these issues. Lots of our patients are also realizing a long-standing goal to have improved smiles too! Orthodontics is for EVERYONE!