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You’re already a VIP.

We make you feel like it.

Here, you’re a VIP before you even step foot through our doors. At Silver Smiles, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach toward getting a great smile. Instead, we look at each patient individually to create a custom treatment plan that fits their smile goals, their smile needs, their lifestyle and their budget.

Your first visit is the first step
to an awesome smile.

During your first visit at Silver Smiles, our team will take X-rays and intra-oral photographs of your smile so that Dr. Silver and Dr. Sturm can examine your smile and determine the right treatment plan for you. From there, we’ll let you know the perfect time to start treatment. For some of our patients, we need to wait until more of their adult teeth have come in. For other patients, we can start treatment on the same day as their first visit! How cool is that?!

After we’ve evaluated your records, we walk you through all of your treatment plan options. From there, Dr. Silver or Dr. Sturm will provide a complete clinical diagnosis regarding the nature of your specific orthodontic problems as well as a written summary of their findings, and a detailed plan that outlines your treatment, goals and an estimate of how much it’s going to cost. If at any moment during your visit you have any questions regarding anything we discuss with you, don’t hesitate to ask – even if you think your questions are silly! After all, in our mind, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Just ask away, and we’ll answer them. Also, if you think of questions after your appointment, don’t worry. Just give us a call – it’s that easy!



Your smile’s waited long enough.

No one knows smiles like the orthodontists at Silver Smiles. If you’re ready to get a smile that makes you want to smile, you’ve found the right solution at Silver Smiles Orthodontics.

If you’re in need of general dental work like cavity repair, teeth cleaning, caps, crowns or veneers, give us a call and we’ll be happy to refer you to an outstanding general dentist in your area.