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Comfortable Orthodontics

Posted on January 2, 2018

Advances in orthodontic treatment have led to a dramatically more comfortable experience than in past years. As specialists, on the cutting edge of treatment methods, we actively seek treatment methodology and technologies that bring more comfort to the orthodontic experience. Today, we can say we offer comfortable orthodontics! We are a provider of Invisalign® clear aligners which require less adjustments and feel more comfortable when in place than metal braces. Even our metal braces are made more comfortable as we use more elastic titanium wires.

Digital Impressions

For years, whenever you needed a dental crown (cap), your dentist had to make molds of your teeth which required taking an impression of your teeth. A tray filled with a goopy, putty-like material was used so that a three-dimensional model of the prepared tooth could be created. Using this mold, along with a dental lab, we could custom-craft the new crown. At Silver Smiles Orthodontics, we now have a digital scanner that can eliminate the impressions of the past.

Here’s how it works

Technology has given us the power to replace impressions of the past with virtual models — made using small, handheld “wands” that employ a digital camera.

This remarkable tool uses blue wavelength light so that we can precisely capture the unique nooks and crannies of your tooth’s surface to make a highly accurate 3D digital model. It enables us to instantaneously examine a tooth and your bite.

How this technology benefits you

Finally, you can say goodbye to the goop, gagging, discomfort, and anxiety you’ve experienced in the past with traditional dental impression materials! It takes less time than traditional dental impressions and makes orthodontic treatment easier than ever.


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