Tips that you’ll be grateful to know for Thanksgiving when wearing braces & aligners

Thanksgiving feast tips for Silver Smiles orthodontic patients

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and, most importantly, amazingly delicious food. If you are currently wearing braces in Atlanta or aligners, it may seem like there are limited options, FEAR NOT! There are still plenty of yummy, tasty dishes to be enjoyed without compromising the efficacy of your treatment, and below are the useful tips we have compiled for you.

Thanksgiving foods that are braces-safe

Mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, stuffing or dressing, gravy, rolls, turkey, ham, chicken, green beans (even the casserole), deviled eggs, creamed corn, mac and cheese, buffalo chicken dip, cranberry sauce. Just be sure to cut any large chunks of meat into smaller bites before digging in and be sure your veggies are cooked to a soft texture.

As for desserts: pies (apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, cherry, key lime), cupcakes, Pineapple upside down cakes, apple/peach tarts, cake rolls, cheesecakes (avoid the nuts), and spice cakes. Anything soft, not sticky, without nuts, will be good.

Thanksgiving foods to avoid

With all those yummy foods, there are some that are NOT good for your Atlanta braces. Corn on the cob, crunchy vegetables (carrots, celery), sticky or chewy candies like caramel or yummy candies. These foods are potentially damaging to braces or will get stuck in wires and brackets.

Take Time To Care For Your Braces

No matter what holiday, be sure to remain attentive to your daily oral hygiene because neglecting it can set your orthodontic treatment time back. Brush after each meal, using a toothbrush (or interdental toothbrush) and fluoride toothpaste. Floss at least twice a day, or after meals whenever possible. Floss threaders can make cleaning between teeth, brackets and wires easier, and many patients find using an oral irrigator easy and effective. Also, it is very important to remember to bring your oral hygiene necessities if you are traveling over the holidays. Such necessities include extra flossers and elastics. Be sure to stop by our office and ask the best Snellville orthodontist if you need to pick up more elastics before your trip.

Orthodontics emergency over the holidays?

Silver Smile’s smile squad has you covered.

Overall, braces shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the holiday festivities. By following these tips and using caution, you can still have a scrumptious, braces-friendly Thanksgiving meal. However- a broken bracket can happen at any time. Do not worry if you have an orthodontic emergency over Thanksgiving, our staff will be here to help you. From our family at Silver Smiles Orthodontics, Happy Thanksgiving!! If you are in need of orthodontic care from the best orthodontist in Atlanta, contact us today at (770) 972-6000 or request a consultation online.