Orthodontics is a specialty practice in the line of dentistry and their mission is to correct the position of misaligned teeth and jaws. Teeth that are not aligned have a greater chance of infection as they are harder to keep clean. Misaligned teeth can also cause increased stress on chewing muscles which leads to headaches, TMJ, and even neck, back, and shoulder pain! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic check-up before the age of seven. Read on for more issues orthodontists can correct.


Having a bite where your bottom and upper teeth do not line up is called malocclusion. Depending on the severity, it can change the shape of your face and the appearance of your teeth. There are different types of malocclusions.


This is one of the more well-known reasons for orthodontic treatment. When one’s mouth is over-crowded there is simply no room for their teeth to fit comfortably. It also makes it harder to brush and floss properly. It is recommended to have it checked out by your orthodontist at an early age to avoid worse problems later.


This happens when you have gaps in your teeth that are unnatural. This is as common as crowding. It mostly happens between the two front teeth, although it can happen anywhere in the mouth. Excessive gum exposure can result in more bacteria resulting in infection.

Improper Eruption

This is a more complex issue, however, successfully treated. It happens when one’s adult teeth come out incorrectly either partway, at an angle, or in the wrong spot. There are various treatments, including braces and aligners.

Impacted teeth

This is when a tooth cannot break through the gums correctly. It can be one of a couple of reasons. Either another tooth is in the way or there is no room left in your mouth. A common example of impaction is wisdom teeth, which often need to be extracted. Early screening can prevent such issues from being a problem.

Whether simple or complex, orthodontists see a range of issues that can be worked on at an early age if it is screened in the beginning years of life. Contact Silver Smiles today to learn more!