While we all want our children to grow well and healthy, many people overlook the significance of giving children proper dental and orthodontic care. Taking care of your children’s oral health in their early stages of growth is crucial, especially when they still have milk teeth and young jaws. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, it is recommended that children go in for examination by an orthodontic specialist well before they reach seven years old.

Early orthodontic treatment is the ultimate solution to many childhood tooth issues; you’d be surprised at some of the things orthodontists can fix! See what benefits your child might gain from visiting orthodontists below!

Treat Misaligned and Crooked Teeth

Some children are born with irregular and misaligned teeth. Luckily, orthodontists can help detect misalignment early and easily correct the problem. They also help stop bad habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting to prevent the emergence of crooked teeth and narrow jaws. This could prevent the need for additional orthodontic treatment in the future.

Detect Dental Problems Immediately

Regular dental examinations detect problems early enough and prevent them from becoming worse. For instance, early orthodontic evaluation and treatment can influence how the jaws grow and control the width of the upper and lower dental arches. This will stop teeth from becoming crowded or crooked. It’s possible to direct newly emerged permanent teeth into ideal placements. With appropriate early intervention, you can reduce potential damage to the front teeth. In the long run, early detection and treatment save you time and money.

Address Speech Problems

An improper bite or misplaced teeth might cause a lisp or other speech difficulties. Early intervention can help prevent or reduce these problems and give your child the self-assurance to communicate and engage with others confidently. Early orthodontic treatment for your child may seem drastic, but it’ll be essential to their overall dental development. Early orthodontic treatment enhances their grin, improves their mouth’s functionality, and gives them much needed self-assurance and esteem to face their everyday challenges with a perfect smile.

Early orthodontic treatment is important if you want to offer your child the best chance to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Better yet, it might lessen the need for future expensive treatment. Drop by our orthodontic clinic, Silver Smiles, and rest assured your child will leave with a perfect smile.